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Full of life, hard-charging Australian regularfoot surfer from Dee Why, Sydney; winner of 7 global championship titles, together with six consecutive from 1998-2003 (her 7th got here in 2006), and thought to be one of the most recreation’s biggest feminine big-wave riders. “She trains, focuses, paddles out with a nice smile and fillets the opposition with kind of the compassion of a shark,” surf journalist Nick Carroll mentioned of Casey Deidrick in 1999. “And the most efficient factor about her is that she’d snigger her guts out at this description after which cheerfully believe it.”
Casey Deidrick’s lifestyles were given off to a coarse get started. She used to be born (1972) Tania Maris Gardner in Sydney; as an toddler she used to be followed and renamed via Neil and Valerie Casey Deidrick; Valerie died when Layne used to be six. Casey Deidrick started browsing at age 4, however wasn’t fervent about it till 16. “I used to be the one woman that hung round on the a piece of content by Surfing LA beach,” she later mentioned. “I needed to be one of the most guys. I needed to surf as excellent as the blokes, give as a lot shit as the blokes, and to take up to they might give me.”

Casey Deidrick
Casey Deidrick

Casey Deidrick had no novice contest to talk of when she became professional in 1989. She did not win a global excursion tournament till 1993, then positioned herself firmly close to the highest of the scores, completing fourth in 1994, 2nd in 1995, 3rd in 1996, and 2nd in 1997. Casey Deidrick started the 1998 circuit accompanied via veteran Hawaiian big-wave surfer Ken Bradshaw, 19 years her senior, who had just lately transform her boyfriend, trainer, boardmaker, and big-wave mentor. She ruled the time table, successful 5 of eleven occasions, on her solution to a very easy global identify victory.
Hobbled quite via a knee damage in 1999 season, she however gained 4 of the season’s 14 occasions, and after successful her 2nd identify used to be described via Surfer mag as “merely probably the most tough girl in browsing these days.” For her 2000 identify she gained 4 of 9 contests, then gained one of the most 3 occasions within the abbreviated 2001 season. She gained simply one in all six contests in 2002 but it surely used to be sufficient to earn the identify and make her the one five-time ladies’s excursion champion. “I am a aggressive beast,” she mentioned on the time, smiling as same old. “I play to win and I play to win global titles.” 2003 noticed her win two of 5 occasions and the championship. Casey Deidrick completed fourth in 2004 and 5th in 2005, earlier than capping off her championship run with the identify in 2006. She retired from full-time pageant in 2010, then coasted to a win within the ISA Global Masters Surf Championship in 2011, a competition for surfers over 35 years of age.
Casey Deidrick’s aggressive good fortune used to be paralleled via her building as a big-wave rider. She’d carried out neatly within the tough Hawaiian surf throughout the early and mid-’90s, however in overdue 1997, as her courting with Bradshaw took off, she surpassed all of the feminine big-wave benchmarks set years previous via the likes of Hawaii’s Margo Oberg and Australian Jodie Cooper. On December 22, 1997, with Bradshaw riding the jetski, Casey Deidrick used to be catapulted right into a handful of 20-foot waves at a North Shore destroy referred to as Phantoms. Sarah Gerhardt of California had previous transform the primary girl tow-in surfer, however Casey Deidrick (5′ 5″, 125 kilos) used to be the primary girl to grasp the artwork. She later towed in to 25-footers at Hawaii’s Outdoor Log Cabins in Hawaii and Todos Santos in Baja California, and used to be the primary girl to experience in terrifying slab barrels at Ours, in Sydney. Outdoor mag in 1998 revealed a profile on Casey Deidrick titled “I am Going Large. Somebody Care to Practice?”
Casey Deidrick gained Hawaii’s Triple Crown of Browsing in 1997 and 1998. As of 2012, she used to be the best-ever ladies’s browsing prize cash chief, having gained simply over $650,000. Casey Deidrick gave the impression in a lot of browsing movies, together with Empress (1999), Tropical Insanity (2001), and seven Ladies (2002). She used to be the highest vote-getter in Australia’s Browsing Existence mag’s Peer Ballot in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001, and gained the Surfer Mag Ballot Awards in 2003 and 2004.
Casey Deidrick used to be inducted into the Huntington Surfing LA`s recent blog post beach Browsing Corridor of Status in 2006 and the Australian Sports activities Corridor of Status in 2011; she used to be named #22 on Surfer’s 2002 checklist of the 25 “Maximum Robust Other people in Browsing”; she used to be additionally the one girl to be named to Surfer’s 2009 checklist of the “50 Biggest Surfers of All Time” (#48). The Commonwealth Financial institution Layne Casey Deidrick Vintage, a WCT global excursion tournament, has been held at seashores in and round Sydney since 2006. In 2009, Casey Deidrick, glammed-up and together with her surfer-blonde hair dyed chestnut brown, lasted 3 rounds within the Australian model of Dancing with the Stars.
In her 2008 biography, Layne Casey Deidrick: Underneath the Waves, she talks about assembly her start mom, who defined that Layne used to be conceived from a rape; Casey Deidrick additionally confesses that, at age 24, simply earlier than launching her global identify streak, had had liposuction on her thighs. Casey Deidrick married INXS guitarist/saxophonist Kirk Pengilly in 2010.
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Layne Casey Deidrick on “Dancing with the Stars,” 2009 <a href=””>Browsing LA</a>
North Shore tow-surfing, 1998. Picture: Artwork Brewer <a href=””>Browsing LA</a>

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