Clyde Aikau (1949 – ) & Surfing 


Clyde Aikau (1949 – ) & Surfing

Graceful regularfoot surfer from Haleiwa, Hawaii; winner of the 1986 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau contest at Waimea Bay. Clyde Aikau began surfing in 1964 at age 15, in Waikiki, Suitable Citadel Rock surf file and forward of the one year was once out had change into the Hawaii’s juniors division champion. For years he was once rather overshadowed by means of older brother Eddie, who made a spectacular debut at Waimea in 1966, and was once known as the most productive big-wave rider of his technology. In 1967, Clyde later recalled, “I mentioned to my brother, ‘Just right day, Eddie, can you take me out there and show me recommendations on the right way to surf the Bay?’ So we went out and he showed me exactly the position to transport and where not to go, and what to look ahead to.”

Clyde and Eddie rode well at all the North Shore breaks; in 1971 they every made the finals of the Smirnoff Skilled and the Duke Kahanamoku Antique; two years later Clyde won the Duke, the main contest ever held at Waimea. In 1977, Eddie moreover won the Duke; 3 months later he was once killed in a boating coincidence.

Clyde and Hawaiian surfer Mark Foo were tied at the end of the 1986 Quiksilver contest, alternatively Aikau won on a wave-score countback. Amazingly, Aikau hadn’t surfed Waimea—or any North Shore ruin, for that topic—for all the wintry weather season primary up to the contest. He persevered to perform well inside the Quiksilver fit, striking fifth in 1990 and 10th in 2001. Inside the 2002 Quiksilver, the 52-year-old Aikau located eighth. He runs the Aikau Herbal Hawaiian Surf Academy just about Waikiki.

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