Clyde Aikau (1949 – ) & Surfing 


Clyde Aikau (1949 – ) & Browsing

Sleek regularfoot surfer from Haleiwa, Hawaii; winner of the 1986 Quiksilver in Reminiscence of Eddie Aikau contest at Waimea Bay. Clyde Aikau started browsing in 1964 at age 15, in Waikiki, Suitable Citadel Rock surf file and ahead of the 12 months used to be out had transform the Hawaii’s juniors department champion. For years he used to be quite overshadowed via older brother Eddie, who made a impressive debut at Waimea in 1966, and used to be referred to as the best big-wave rider of his era. In 1967, Clyde later recalled, “I stated to my brother, ‘Good day, Eddie, are you able to take me in the market and display me tips on how to surf the Bay?’ So we went out and he confirmed me precisely the place to move and the place to not pass, and what to wait for.”

Clyde and Eddie rode smartly at all of the North Shore breaks; in 1971 they each made the finals of the Smirnoff Professional and the Duke Kahanamoku Vintage; two years later Clyde gained the Duke, the primary contest ever held at Waimea. In 1977, Eddie additionally gained the Duke; 3 months later he used to be killed in a boating twist of fate.

Clyde and Hawaiian surfer Mark Foo had been tied on the finish of the 1986 Quiksilver contest, however Aikau gained on a wave-score countback. Amazingly, Aikau hadn’t surfed Waimea—or any North Shore wreck, for that subject—for all of the iciness season main as much as the competition. He endured to accomplish smartly within the Quiksilver match, putting 5th in 1990 and tenth in 2001. Within the 2002 Quiksilver, the 52-year-old Aikau positioned 8th. He runs the Aikau Natural Hawaiian Surf Academy close to Waikiki.

Clyde Aikau

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